Thompson's Textbook*
Literacy Matters: Read. Write. Repeat.

This is a work in progress. Someday all the blanks may be filled in, but for now this page contains materials that I know my students will need to access multiple times over the course of the year. Many of these items have been handed out as reference worksheets that students were assigned to keep in their notebooks, but...well, you know how that goes.

QAR: Asking Questions
Writing Traits
Close Reading & Annotation
Argumentation Basics
Hey, Thompson! Do YOU Close Read?
Academic Essay Format
Blank Essay Outline
Genre Practice
Word Cells (Big List)
Word Cells Archive
Prefixes & Suffixes
Grammar Punk
Capitalization & Punctuation
Utah Write
Why Utah Write?
Elements of Literature
Elements of Literature Worksheet
Vocabulary of Drama
Elements of Poetry
Torture a Confession Out of a Poem
Book on Trial Outline
Book on Trial Model: Outline & Essay
Shakespeare Stuff
Old Writing Guide

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*I've never published this textbook in real-world-paper-and-binding form. Actually, I wouldn't even know how to go about that, and I have been too busy teaching for the past quarter century to do the research. Also, if I put all this under a binding with a real paper title page, I would have had to put out a new edition every month or so for the past 24 years. I am an obsessive editor and re-arranger, and I never present any concept exactly the same way twice. That's why a website is perfect for me. I am constantly revising, constantly seeking perfection. I have yet to achieve it, but a website makes it convenient for me to keep trying. Finally, so much of what is here was not originally mine that it wouldn't be right for me to put my name on it.. Teachers are great thieves: We steal each other's best ideas. (Most of the teachers I know and respect don't mind being robbed when it is for the benefit of students in someone else's class, and I am always flattered when I hear from teachers in other places who ask to "borrow" something I have posted, but there are now places on the web where teachers sell their stuff, so I can only speak for myself.) A friend or colleague may have mentioned something, given me a handout s/he used with a class, and I took it and made it my own...and revised it twice a year for ten years, so while these "final drafts" (which will change constantly as I revise) are technically my own work, the ideas behind them came from lots of other people. This "textbook" is here for my students, and it contains the stuff they need for my class.