Wow! I have been teaching Romeo and Juliet for a long time. Every year when I begin afresh with a new set of ninth graders, it seems that I re-create many of the things that I have done before, so I am going to try to keep track of some of them here. This page won't mean much to anyone but me, and if you are planning to steal things you find here, please let me know.

Romeo and Juliet E-Notes and No Fear Shakespeare: Handy for "translating" difficult passages!

Reggie's Queen Mab (1991) & Emily's Queen Mab (2011)

Prologue Close Read and Analysis Assignment (Completed Close Read)

Why is Shakespeare Hard (Blog Entry)

The Academic Vocabulary of Romeo and Juliet (Drama)

Romeo and Juliet Passage Analysis Assignment & The List of Passages as found in the Massive Purple Text

Romeo and Juliet: Scene by Scene Summaries

Common Terms from 1590

Queen Mab Essay Assignment & [Annotated] Sample

Romeo and Juliet Essay Q & A (Hints) from 2013 with Sample (Annotated) Example

Courtly Love in the Balcony Scene

Essay Prompt + Model: Romeo and Juliet First Meeting Sonnet Analysis

Blank Outline Format that works with all these prompts

Director's Close Read (Samples)

R&J Extra Credit Essay (Scene Comparison from MPT)


Cartoons: Romeo and Juliet + Rose by Another Name

Causes of Death in Shakespeare Plays


  • Shakespeare: Then & Now
  • Use any three (3) of the following articles to complete the worksheet:
  • Elizabeth's England
  • Shakespeare: Not of an Age, but for All Mankind
  • Actors in Shakespeare's Day
  • Shakespeare's Audience: A Very Motley Crowd
  • Shakespearean Snapshots
  • A Nest of Singing Birds
  • Shakespeare: Words, Words, Words
  • Shakespeare: History is Written by the Victors
  • Mr. Shakespeare, I Presume

  • Shakespeare Web Quest

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