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Web Quest: Use the following web sites to answer the questions.

Elizabethan England

Life in Elizabethan England

The Renaissance

Exploring the Renaissance

Shakespeare at School
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The Education of Shakespeare

The Globe Theater

What is a Sonnet?

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Iambic Pentameter

Shakespeare's Monologues

Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespearwe Bio

Shakespeare Resource Center

Shakespeare Timeline

  • Shakespeare: Then & Now
  • Use any three (3) of the following articles to complete the worksheet:
  • Elizabeth's England
  • Shakespeare: Not of an Age, but for All Mankind
  • Actors in Shakespeare's Day
  • Shakespeare's Audience: A Very Motley Crowd
  • Shakespearean Snapshots
  • A Nest of Singing Birds
  • Shakespeare: Words, Words, Words
  • Shakespeare: History is Written by the Victors
  • Mr. Shakespeare, I Presume
  • Informational Research/Writing -- How was Shakespeare's world different than the modern world?

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