The Kardiac Quiz
All these questions can be answered by reading the story and following the links.

1.  Why should you not make decisions about your own health based on the content of the Kardiac Kid story?

2.  What is the common phrase we use to describe the medical condition known as hypertension?

3.  What is the term used to describe someone who is 20% or more over his/her ideal body weight?

4.  What percentage of Americans are overweight?

5.  What does recent research tell us about caffeine consumption?

6.  Name five symptoms of a heart attack.

7. What is a myocardial infarction?

8. What is the medical term to describe "hardening of the arteries"?

9. Why should children not take aspirin?

10. What is the role of the balloon in the procedure known as balloon angioplasty? (What's the fancy medical term for this procedure?)

11. What is the origin of the name Kardiac Kid?

12. Who is the hero of the Kardiac Kid story?

13. What are the two lessons of the Kardiac Kid story?

14. Describe how one assignment you did this year in English related to the lessons in the Kardiac Kid.

15. This year (2019) this extra credit opportunity is due on May 29th. Why is that an appropriate due date for this particular extra credit?


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