This spinnin' sawblade honors Adam Johnson (2014), who dared me to put it here on the last day of 9th grade.

Couldn't resist, eh? You just had to go and click that spinning sawblade, didn't you? Well, you aren't the first. Until recently, however, there was no "secret link" like the mouseover text promised. Since this variation of the classroom website has been online (June 2012), that link has been disabled because, as often happens with Internet links, the web page that used to be there had "died," i.e., it had been (re)moved from its original place and the old URL no longer worked. Since I spend most of my website time during the school year updating the class calendar and daily assignments, I didn't get around to fixing the link for a year (June 2013) and then only because students like Tucker Williams, who spent way more computer time slapping people with eels than completing his writing assignments, kept reminding me that there was no link on the sawblade. So, now there is. (And then in February 2018, Vinnie Cook stopped by this page to tell me most of the links were broken, so I fixed 'em. Thanks, Vinnie!)

When it comes to students who don't spend time in the computer lab in the most efficient possible way, no one holds a candle to Ashton. You may stab him (or shoot me with fireballs) here. This page can be a repository for those trivial time wasters that exist in such profusion on the Web. I'll put a few here that I know of, and you can suggest others. Your suggestions do not have to be strictly educational, but they must be school-appropriate because, as you have noticed, people who are finished with their assignments will discover them while at school. E-mail me if you have ideas. (And if you haven't finished your assignment yet, get back to work!)

What time is it?
Kaleidoscope Maker
Shakespearean Insulter
Line Rider Games
Addicting Games
Online Magic 8 Ball
Virtual Stapler
The Dialectizer
Hidden Page of Magic
Online Etch-a-Sketch