The Writing Process


            1.  Prewriting

        Select a topic and narrow it.

        Decide on your purpose and audience.

        Gather details to help you develop your topic.

        Organize and strengthen your list of details.


            2.  Writing

        With your purpose and audience in mind, begin to write.

        Do not be concerned with grammar or mechanics yet; just write.


            3.  Responding

        Share your writing with others and learn from their comments and suggestions.


            4.  Revising

            Ask yourself these questions about your writing:

        Did I stick to my topic?

        Does my writing have unity? (Does each sentence relate to those around it and to the main idea?)

        Have I included all the important details?

        Do I have strong and interesting topic sentences?

        Do the ideas flow smoothly?  (Is it easy to read aloud?)

        Are the ideas in a logical order?

        Is the language vivid and precise?  (Will the reader know exactly what I mean?)

        Have I accomplished my purpose?


            5.  Editing

        Correct all mistakes in grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

        Replace vague words and phrases with precise words.


            6. Evaluating

        Judge the quality of the work.

        Share it with others.

        Submit it to your teacher.

        Publish it.



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