Response/Revision Sheet for Research Papers

Complete these steps BEFORE writing a final draft of your research paper!

·        Take a recent draft of the paper and the teacher’s scoring rubric to one parent and one other trusted editor or advisor for suggestions.

·        Parents/Editors/Advisors:  Please read the student’s draft and check it against the teacher’s scoring rubric to see if the paper actually meets all the requirements.  Discuss with the student where s/he may need to make changes to get as many of the points as possible. 

·        Students:  Double-check the following (and put check marks next to them when you have):

______a.  Does the paper contain clear transition statements that move the writing smoothly from one paragraph to the next?  If not, make necessary revisions.

______b.  Are you a “Bubba”?  Do you use the word “I” way too often?  (“I think…,” “In my opinion…,” “I am doing my paper on….”)  Have you turned it into a paper about you rather than about your topic?  If so, make necessary revisions.

______c.  Do you use too many “dead” (meaningless) or overused words?  Great, very, really, interesting, and good are just such words.  Try to rid your paper of them.

______d.  Is your research paper written in a formal style?  It should be in the third-person (avoid I, me, myself), and it should reflect your most proper language skills. Imagine that your readers will be a group of egg-headed college professors, and you want to impress them, BUT…

______e.  DON’T PLAGIARIZE!  The paper should also reflect your own level of vocabulary and writing ability.  It should be written in sentences that you created and that you understand.  Make sure you have not copied anything directly from your sources.

______f.  Is your works cited page done properly?  Check the research packet for details.

______g.  Is your title page centered horizontally and vertically?  Is it balanced and easy to read?

______h.  Is this page signed by a parent and one other editor?  It should be!


·        Do the final draft.  Submit the research paper stapled in this order:

            top                   title page for research paper

            ***                  the final draft of the research paper

bottom:            the final draft of the works cited page

Final Due Date: _____________________________________________________

Parent Signature ______________________________________Date ______________

Other Editor/Advisor __________________________________Date ______________


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