Sample Resumé

951 N. Fairfield Road
Kaysville, Utah 84037
(801) 402-7000


OBJECTIVE:            To show that I can succeed at Fairfield Junior High because of my desire to learn, willingness to work hard, and friendliness

EDUCATION:            Fairfield Junior High School 2000-2002

                                                Completed 8th Grade
            Areas of Special Interest:  Science, Writing

SKILLS:                     Desire to learn
            Read 35 books from Accelerated Reader list
            Attended Falcon Academy
            Improved G.P.A. every term

                                    Willingness to work hard
            Spent extra hours practicing musical instruments
            Volunteered for Layton Youth Court
             Took responsibility for home chores

            Acted as “Secret Pal” for new 7th graders
            Worked well in classroom groups
            Participated in lunchtime activities

EXPERIENCE:          Child Care—Jane Rogers—1999-2002
            Cared for three young children, light housework

                                    Yard Maintenance—John Smith—1997-2000
            Mowed lawns, raked leaves, shoveled snow, operated several machines

ACHIEVEMENTS:   Citizenship Honor Roll—Fairfield Jr.—2001
                                    Life Scout Award—2001
                                    Symphonic Band—2000-present
                                    Ballet Lessons—Clytie Adams School—1997-present
                                    Wasatch Thunder Competition Soccer Team—1996-present
                                    Presidential Medal of Fitness Award—1996

REFERENCES:         Available upon request


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