The Big Six

There are six steps in the research process that students at Fairfield are expected to follow.  These are known as The Big Six.  Answer these questions as you work through your research.

#1 Task Definition:  What is your purpose?  What has to be done?  What exactly are you planning to do?  Do you have an idea for what your topic is?  Your thesis?

#2 Information Seeking Strategies:  Which resources will be most useful?  Encyclopedias are only the tip of the iceberg.  Donít forget atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, online databases, CD-ROMs, videos, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and personal interviews.

#3 Location and Access:  Where can you find the resources that you need?  The media center is a good place to start.  Internet search engines and libraries are also helpful.

#4 Use of Information:  Of all the information you look through, which of it will actually help you support your thesis?  Be specific!  By this point in the process, you should have a clear thesis.

#5 Synthesis:  Now that youíve learned all this new information, how are you going to put it all together to present to others?  Research paper?  Oral presentation?  Computer project?  This is the step that requires the most work.

#6 Evaluation:  How will you know how you did?  A final grade?  Praise and admiration of classmates?  Check evaluation rubrics before you complete a final draft of any project or paper.


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