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by George Orwell
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Literacy Matters!

(And this novel proves it!)

Concepts to Understand

Allegory [definition], Allegory [video], Fable, Satire, Propaganda, Doublespeak, Irony, Scapegoat, Logical Fallacies

Economic/Political Systems: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Totalitarianism, Fascism
Two Cows

Anthems in Animal Farm

When you read Animal Farm and Anthem, it helps to have a basic understanding of various systems of leadership. The problem is that all such systems are open to debate, often strident debate completely free of facts or supporting evidence. Any of the enrichment links posted here can be argued and debated in rational terms, and they are here only to inspire critical thought and discussion, not to convince you that a certain philosophy is the "correct" one. Whatever you choose to believe, know why!

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