Extra Credit Opportunities: Writing Contests

It's that time again. The term is drawing to a close, and you don't have the grade you need. If you are willing to actually do something challenging to get it, I'll give you some extra credit for entering one of these writing contests*:

Scary Story Contest: This one is sponsored by Grammar Punk, and it will cost you three bucks to enter, but there are cash prizes for the winners. You have to meet certain requirements for the story to qualify, so read and follow the instructions carefully. The deadline is midnight on Halloween, of course. Bring me a copy of your story a week before that, and I will decide how much extra credit it is worth and give you any suggestions I may have before you mail it off.

Reflections: You have to enter the literature division for extra credit in my class. Here is the entry form. The due date is October 30 (last day of the term), so bring me a copy of your entry a week or so before that and I will decide how much extra credit it is worth and give you any suggestions I may have before you submit it.

Martin Luther King Essay Contest: This one is for the serious essay writers among you. It is a very prestgious state-wide contest with a serious theme. Again, there is an opportunity here for "fortune and glory," and if you win or place in this contest it is going to look very impressive on a scholarship application. The entry is not due until the middle of November, but it has to be submitted by a teacher (i.e., me), but if you want extra credit this term, you'll have to bring me your essay by October 22nd.

Green Light Essay Contest: This one will also require some extra effort on your part, but if you play your cards right you might be able to talk your science teacher into giving you some credit, too. There are many instructions to read before you begin, but it could pay off big time! If you are going to enter, bring me a draft of your essay by October 27; I will give extra credit based on your commitment to see the process through to the end. Entries aren't due until December, but that will give you plenty of time to revise.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: Only serious writers need apply. I'm happy to help you if you want to go for it, but you'll have to read all the instructions yourself.

*The amount of extra credit you get will be based on the quality of your writing and how closely you have followed all the entry instructions. No extra credit will be given for entries that were slopped together at the last minute or for work that is not accompanied by an entry form or some other evidence that you actually plan to enter it in the contest. The earlier you get me the entry, the more time I will have to help you improve it...and therefore increase your chances of winning!

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