Computer Lab Review

I know that the lab is not new to most of you, but this year I will require you to use it more often and in more complicated ways than many of your previous teachers have. This assignment will help you practice the essential computer skills you will need to complete many of the assignments for this class.

Seating Chart: There is a seating chart for the lab, and you are expected to abide by it. If you are not sitting in your assigned seat right now, log off and move to where you should be. Don't let it happen again!

Log in to School System: If you can read this now, you probably already know how to log in. If, however, you are reading over a classmate's shoulder right now (or looking at a projection of this page on a big screen at the front of the room) then you might need to know this:

Programs We'll Use Often: When we come to the computer lab, I will usually have you using at least two of the following programs, often at the same time. It is important that you understand how to "toggle" back and forth between "windows" (without closing them) or resize the windows so you can see them both at once.

Things You Need to Be Able to Do Without Being Reminded Every Time We Come to the Lab

Now let's practice! Here is your assignment:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
    1. Click "Save."
    2. Save the file to your own server space. Name it "Computer Lab Review".
    3. Type a heading (name, period, date--all properly formatted, spelled, capitalized, and spaced), right-justified in the upper-right hand corner of the page.
    4. Center this title: Computer Lab Review. Make the title bold (but not the heading or any of the rest of the text on the page).
    5. Click "Save" again just for good measure.
    6. Minimize the Word window, but don't close it.
  2. Open another instance of the Internet (i.e., Click the "big blue e" again, but leave this page open too so you can still see these instructions.) The window should open to the school home page. From there, use the links to find my classroom web site. Use the information and links on the classroom web site to answer the following questions. Type the answers on the Word document you saved in the first step:
    1. What is the minimum number of mouse clicks to get from the school home page to Thompson's home page?
    2. What are the names of the links you must click?
    3. According to the Independent Reading link, what are three (3) advantages to reading well?
    4. How will reading credit be given in this class?
    5. According to the information found in 9th Grade Links, what is the first rule of punctuation?
    6. Why is the apostrophe the most misunderstood rule of punctuation? (What is the difference between its and it's?)
    7. When should you capitalize the names of classes you take in school?
    8. What are "Word Cells"?
    9. Name three things students need to succeed in Honors English?
    10. How many paragraphs does the sample essay in the Fairfield Writing Guide contain?
    11. According to my gradebook, what was the name of the first assignment you were supposed to turn in?
    12. What is the message at the top of the school home page?
    13. When did my classes read The Pigman in the 2004-2005 school year?
    14. Which member of the Art Department do you know for sure wore braces when s/he was in junior high?
    15. What number was on Mr. Davis's little league football jersey?
    16. Which science teacher has a website that is not the same as most other teacher web pages?
    17. Which teacher has the best website at Fairfield?
  3. Save your answers in Microsoft Word.
  4. Close the document.
  5. Open your e-mail account.
  6. Submit the assignment to me by e-mail using one of the two methods noted above. If you aren't finished, e-mail the assignment to yourself so you can finish it at home and submit it from there. (If you don't have a computer at home, you can use one of the computers in my classroom before or after school.)

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