Biography/Autobiography Notes
9th Grade

 While reading the biography or autobiography you have selected, take notes on the following items.  (The reason the questions are so spread out is so you can print this page and actually answer them on the paper.)

 1.  Name of the person ___________________________________

 2.  Exactly when and where was this person born?


 3.        What is one interesting thing about this person?  (Identify some quality that illustrates why this person is worthy of having his/her life story published.)




4.        Physical Description:  What does this person look like?  Be specific.




5.        Personality Description:  What are this personís emotional strengths and weaknesses?




6.        Identify three important (life-changing) events in this personís life and describe how they influenced the person.






















 7.  How does the person change from the beginning of the book to the end?


8.        List five specific adjectives that describe the person.  (Do not list synonyms.)




9.        What is your personal response to the book?  What do you think of the person?








10.     How does the book end?








What is the theme of the book?  (What lesson does this life teach?)  Describe how you know.





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