Word Clouds: Themes in Fahrenheit 451

It might be handy to open another instance of your browser, so you can keep these instructions available as you work.

Start by examining some of these web sites:

Next, open and save a Word document on which to write responses to the items below.

In his "lecture" (pp. 53-63), Captain Beatty argues that censorship is an important component in keeping the masses happy. After we have read that section, you will be asked if you believe Beatty's definition of happiness applies to our own world, but for now let's consider what happiness means. On the same document as above, respond with complete sentences to the questions below.

Sample response: Likeness is more difficult because it requires you to change yourself to suit those around you, and sometimes that means you aren't being yourself. (Sure! Go ahead and copy that answer on your own paper if you can't see the irony in it!)

Save your document that contains all your answers, but do not close it or print it.

Now go here and create a word cloud (Wordle) using your answers. (Copy and paste!) Tinker with it. Make it cool. Save it to the Internet using a code name if you really want to.

Modify your word cloud so that the background is white, otherwise it won't print correctly.

Print the word cloud. (Do not print the other paper, but do save it.)

Write your name on it.

Turn it in.

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