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January 16-20, 2006: Third Term Begins!

Monday, January 16

  • Human Rights Day
  • Thank you, Dr. King!
    (And not just for the day off!)

Tuesday, January 17

  • No School for Students

Wednesday, January 18: Welcome to the Third Term!

  • New Classes/New Seats
  • Hall Passes/AR Contracts
  • Journal #1: Copy "The Road Not Taken" (page 315) into your journal.
    What is symbolized by the woods? The roads?
    What statement does the poem make about choices?
  • Finish Book Walk/Persuasive Outline
  • Read Student Sample of Persuasive Essay (pp. 323-324)
  • Persuasive Essay Written Draft due January 24th!

Thursday, January 19

  • Journal #2: Write a letter to your (future) self as you will be during the last week of this school year. Ask yourself if you accomplished your goals for the last semester of junior high. Amuse yourself. Congratulate yourself for a job well done.
  • Skills Review (Collection 5): Pages 332-337

Friday, January 20: Computer Lab 138

January 23-27, 2006

Monday, January 23

  • Journal #3: "The Star-Spangled Banner"
    How many times have you heard it in your life?
    Write down as many of the lyrics as you know.
  • Word Cells: CRT List
  • Begin Nothing But the Truth

Tuesday, January 24: Persuasive Essay Draft due!

  • Journal #4: Persuasive Essay: Concept Review
    (Read the essay on the handout and answer the questions in your journal.)
  • Compare your persuasive essay to the standard format & turn it in.
  • Nothing But the Truth

Wednesday, January 25

  • Journal #5: "Honesty is the best policy." Is this always true? Are there times when lying serves a greater good? What is your personal philosophy on lying? Relate an example from your own experience that illustrates this philosophy.
  • Nothing But the Truth

Thursday, January 26

Friday, January 27: AR Contracts due!

  • Nothing But the Truth (through Chapter 14, p.121)

January 30 - February 3, 2006

Monday, January 30

  • Journal #7: Identify biased statements (and explain why each is biased) in the articles about Philip Malloy on pages 113 & 121.
  • Nothing But the Truth
  • Handout: Character Values Chart

Tuesday, January 31: Computer Lab 137

  • Re-take Online Persuasion Objective Concepts Test
  • Meet Bubba: Writing So Bad It Hurts (Content, Voice, Word Choice, Fluency)
  • Internet Search: Find an expert opinion to support your persuasive topic. Also, consider the counterclaim and how you will address it.

Wednesday, February 1: SOM Breakfast

  • Finish Nothing But the Truth (?)
  • Journal #8: Irony in Nothing But the Truth (Identify five instances.)

Thursday, February 2

Friday, February 3

February 6-10, 2006

Monday, Februrary 6

  • Journal #9: Proofreading Transparency #1 (Write the sentences correctly.)
  • Final Assignment on Nothing But the Truth: Plot & Character Analysis

Tuesday, February 7

  • Journal #10: Spelling Quiz (to see if we need to practice)
  • Six Traits: Conventions
  • The Punctuation Parable

Wednesday, February 8

  • Silent Reading Day: Bring a Book!

Thursday, February 9: Computer Lab 137

  • Nothing But the Truth: Literary Skills Test
  • Collection 4: Diagnostic (Online Textbook)
  • Persuasive Essays Revisited: Final Draft due February 17
  • Persuasive Essays will be scored on the Six-Trait Rubric!

Friday, February 10

  • Journal #11: Proofreading Transparency #2 (Write the sentences correctly.)
  • Punctuation/Capitalization Standards (Handouts)
  • Punctuation Practice: "Dear John" Letter (in journal)
  • Mary, where John had had "had,"....

February 13-17, 2006: Esteem & Dream Week

Monday, Februrary 13: A.M. Pep Assembly

  • Persuasive Essay Final Draft due Friday!
  • Journal #12: Proofreading Transparency #3 (Write the sentences correctly.)
  • Mastery Spelling Pretest--List #1: muscle, accommodate, eighth, discipline, receipt, criticize, doubt, bizarre, attached, apologize
  • Collection 4: Theme (pp. 207-210)

Tuesday, February 14: A.M. Assembly (Talent Show)

  • Journal #1: Copy "Ithaca" (page 710) into your journal.
    In this poem, Ithaca is a symbol with universal signficance. What does "arriving in Ithaca" mean for all of us?
  • "The Sniper" (pp. 211-217)
  • Assignment (in journal): Questions 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 (p. 217)

Wednesday, February 15: Seminar Day (30-min. classes)

  • Deadline for AR Extra Credit (Midterm)
  • Journal #2: Proofreading Transparency #4 (Write the sentences correctly.)
  • Handout Online Essay Scoring Prompts/Prewrite
    (Completely different than the Persuasive Essay due Friday!)

Thursday, February 16: Reality Town/Interview Training

  • Note for Next Year: This was a very long, torturous day!
  • 6th/7th Periods only: Work on Prewrite for Online Essay and/or finish Persuasive Essay due tomorrow!
  • Write Resumés in Computer Lab: Bring Blue or Black Pen

Friday, February 17: Computer Lab 137

February 20-24, 2006

Monday, Februrary 20

  • Presidents' Day: No School

Tuesday, February 21

  • Journal #3: Proofreading Transparency #5 (Write the sentences correctly.)
  • Mastery Spelling Pretest -- List #2: sentence, grammar, governor, freight, independent, government, misspell, syllables, occurrence, temperature
  • "Cranes" (More on Universal Themes): pp. 220-228 (MPT)

Wednesday, February 22

Thursday, February 23: Computer Lab 137

Friday, February 24

  • Mastery Spelling Test #2
  • Journal #5: "It's not that I can't use my brain; I just choose not to."
    --Elizabeth Thompson, 2005
    Does this quote apply to all teenagers? Discuss. (80 words)
  • Analogies: Page 229, Massive Purple Text
  • Analogy Assignment (in journal)

February 27-March 3, 2006

Monday, Februrary 27

  • Journal #6: The phrase "hang out with friends" appeared in more than half of the persuasive papers. What does that mean? What do you do when you "hang out with friends," and why is it so desirable?
  • Mastery Spelling Pretest -- List #3: beautiful, prejudice, psychology, receive, restaurant, sandwich, scissors, secretary, column, dilemma
  • Censorship Discussion Questions

Tuesday, Februrary 28: DWA

  • State-Mandated Writing Assessment

Wednesday, March 1: DWA/P.T. Conferences (3:45-7:15 P.M.)

Thursday, March 2: Bring a Reading Book!

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
  • Silent Reading Day/AR Tests

Friday, March 3

  • Spelling Test #3
  • Journal #7: Mock Job Interview Preparations (Nervous?)
  • Check Resumés & Applications
  • Begin Fahrenheit 451
    Montag Meets Clarisse (pp. 1-10)

March 6-10, 2006

Monday, March 6

  • Spring Pictures During English Classes
  • Pretest--Mastery Spelling List #4: vague, weird, vengeance, respectively, tragedy, tomorrow, tongue, consonant, vowel, antonym
  • Fahrenheit 451: Hello Mildred! (pp.11-21)
  • Don't forget to dress up for the interviews tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 7: Mock Job Interviews

  • Look sharp!
  • 5th Period will interview during reading time (8:10 - 8:30 A.M.)

Wednesday, March 8

  • Journal #8: How did your interview go yesterday? Do you think this is a valuable experience for ninth graders? Why or why not? (90 words)
  • Fahrenheit 451: The Dandelion (21-22)
    The Mechanical Hound (pp. 22-28)
    Clarisse's Life: The Society of Fahrenheit 451 (pp.28-31)
    Captain Beatty & The History of the Fire Department (pp.31-35)
    The First Alarm (pp. 35-41)

Thursday, March 9

  • Fahrenheit 451: Montag's Doubts: Mildred & Her "Family" (pp.41-48)
    The Happiness Boys (pp. 48-63)

Friday, March 10: Computer Lab 137

March 13-17, 2006

Monday, March 13

  • Pretest--Mastery Spelling List #5: synonym, symbol, superstitious, experience, precede, proceed, college, rhythm, sophomore, separate
  • Fahrenheit 451: Finish Part 1 (pp. 63-68)
  • Characterization & Symbollism: The Story So Far...
  • Journal #9: Using short quotations from the novel, create a character web for Montag as he appears in the first section of the book.

Tuesday, March 14

  • Fahrenheit 451: The Seive and the Sand
  • Montag Thinks...and Remembers (pp.71-75)
    Montag's Dilemma (pp.75-77)
  • Journal #10: Montag's Dilemma -- Which book would you save? Why?
  • The Subway (pp. 77-80)

Wednesday, March 15: AR Points due!

Thursday, March 16: Turn in Extra Credit!

  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Mildred's Friends and Family (pp. 91-102)
    Last shot at extra credit for the term: "Dover Beach"
    Homework: Montag's Last Alarm (pp. 102-110)

Friday, March 17: End of Third Term

  • Spelling Test #5
  • Fahrenheit 451: Begin "Burning Bright"
    Montag Confronts Beatty (pp.113-121)
  • Term Grades: Conference with Mr. T
    Homework: Montag on the Run (pp.121-139) by Tuesday
    (That's a grand total of six pages a day. Don't whine!)

"Did I miss anything?" This is the most annoying question students who have been absent can ask. My usual sarcastic reply is something like this: "Oh, heck no! We knew you were gone, so we just sat around all day and looked at each other. You don't really think I'm going to assign work on a day you're not here, do you?" So, in order to keep everyone (students and their parents) apprised of what exactly is going on each day in class, I am going to put it here. Check back often!

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