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9th Grade

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Davis School District

August 23-27, 2004

Monday, August 23: Teacher Prep. Day

  • No School for Students

Tuesday, August 24: Teacher Prep. Day

  • No School for Students

Wednesday, August 25: Welcome Back!

Thursday, August 26

Friday, August 27

August 30 - September 3, 2004

Monday, August 30

Tuesday, August 31

  • The (original) Olympians: PowerPoint Presentation/Notes
    (Click the above link only if you have PowerPoint on your computer.)
  • Informational Text: Why Mythology?
  • Begin Mythology Research: Hamilton's Mythology

Wednesday, September 1: Computer Lab

Thursday, September 2

Friday, September 3

September 6-10, 2004

Monday, September 6

  • Labor Day: No School

Tuesday, September 7

Wednesday, September 8

Thursday, September 9

  • Administrator's Visit: Safe Schools Seminar (Swanson Rocks!)
  • No Language Arts Class Today

Friday, September 10

  • Finish Presentations
  • Check Biographies: Have book in class today!
  • The Iliad: Prologue to The Odyssey
  • The Trojan War: PowerPoint Presentation/Notes
    (Click the link only if you have PowerPoint on your computer.)
  • Word Cells List #2: Test Next Thursday!

September 13-17, 2004

Monday, September 13

  • Finish Trojan War Presentation
  • Hand Out Journals
  • Journal #1: What is a hero? (75 words)
  • Introduction to The Odyssey: Pages 640-646 in Text

Tuesday, September 14

  • STAR Reading Levels
  • Journal #2: Discuss your general attitude toward reading. (80 words)
  • Begin Reading The Odyssey: Sailing from Troy, Calypso

Wednesday, September 15

  • Journal #3: Epithets (p. 715 in text):
    Create epithets for yourself and ten other people.
  • The Odyssey: The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops, Circe
  • Epic Poetry Terms: Epic Simile, Epic Hero

Thursday, September 16

  • Word Cells List #2 Test
  • The Odyssey: The Land of the Dead, The Sirens, Scylla and Charibdis, The Cattle of the Sun God

Friday, September 17

  • The Odyssey: Coming Home, The Meeting of Father and Son, The Beggar and the Faithful Dog, The Test of the Great Bow
  • Word Cells List #3: Test Next Thursday!

September 20-24, 2004

Monday, September 20

  • Journal #4: DOL Activity
  • Finish The Odyssey: Death at the Palace, Odysseus and Penelope
  • Comprehension Quiz

Tuesday, September 21

  • Journal #5: "Ithaca" and Response Questions
  • Odyssey: Finish Quiz/Review
  • Paragraph: Besides Odysseus, who is the most heroic character in the second half of The Odyssey? Why?
  • Study Your Myth Grid! Test Tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 22

Thursday, September 23

Friday, September 24

  • Journal #6: What is the best day of the week? Why? (80 words)
  • Collect revised paragraphs
  • Structuring an Essay (that will be due in two weeks)
  • The Where's Thompson? Speech

September 27 - October 1, 2004: Test Week

Monday, September 27: Where's Thompson?

  • The Odyssey: Movie & Study Guide

Tuesday, September 28: Testing Day

  • The Odyssey

Wednesday, September 29: Testing Day

  • The Odyssey

Thursday, September 30

  • The Odyssey

Friday, October 1

  • The Odyssey: Study Guide due (if movie is finished)

October 4-8, 2004

Monday, October 4

Tuesday, October 5

  • Journal #7: The Ideal Vacation
  • Midterm Grades: Return them tomorrow with a parent's signature!
  • Popsicle Sticks: How to Organize an Essay
  • Color code this essay in your Writing Packet.

Wednesday, October 6: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, October 7: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 8: Biography Notes Due!

October 11-15, 2004

Monday, October 11

  • Journal #8: DOL
  • Finish Notes on Writing
  • "A Defense of the Jury System" (p. 310)

Tuesday, October 12

  • Journal #9: What sticks in your craw? (85 words)
  • Persuasive Essay Samples: "Privacy" & "Just a Phase"
    Analyze Topic, Audience, Purpose, and Persona of each

Wednesday, October 13

  • More on Persuasion
  • "Poison for Sale"
  • Artifacts to support such essays

Thursday, October 14

Friday, October 15: Group Picture Day

October 18-22, 2004: Ribbon Week

Monday, October 18: Biography Essays Due!

Tuesday, October 19

Wednesday, October 20

Thursday, October 21: AR Points due Today!

Friday, October 22

  • Word Cells Test #5
  • Persuasive Model: Page 323 in text
  • Grade Printout Sent Home: Return (signed) Monday!

October 25-29, 2004

Monday, October 25: A.M. Assembly

Tuesday, October 26

  • William Who?
  • Intro to Shakespeare: Video
  • Assignment: Write (and answer) ten questions about William Shakespeare.
  • Have a good break!

Wednesday, October 27: First Term Ends

  • Quality Teaching Day: No School for Students

Thursday, October 28

  • UEA: No School

Friday, October 29

  • UEA: No School

"Did I miss anything?" This is the most annoying question students who have been absent can ask. My usual sarcastic reply is something like this: "Oh, heck no! We knew you were gone, so we just sat around all day and looked at each other. You don't really think I'm going to assign work on a day you're not here, do you?" So, in order to keep everyone (students and their parents) apprised of what exactly is going on each day in class, I am going to put it here. Check back often!

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